I wanted to add value to you guys but also have somewhere where I can express thoughts without having to make a video but do it with still having fashion apart of it. When I saw this bomber I loved how it was so focal with the red but a statement in the back. PROBLEM we all have them everyday. I've learned these never go away but you need to take them on when they come as a challenge and that is when you really solve them. In the end of a problem comes strength and experience.

Here are a couple things I do when dealt with problems.

Apply Patience - Play for the long game. I honestly got this one from Gary Vaynerchuk over the past year. It sounds so simple but honestly I was so impatient and wanted instant solutions/results. This is the #1 thing to do when faced with problems. Think long term about your goals or where you see yourself and then you'll be able to really know what should be your next step and it will get you past problems.

Accept Reality - You can't run away from them you need to face them head on, so next time you can be on the offensive to prevent things you can from happening.

Don't Compare - I've done this and it gets you no where. Use that energy to build for you.

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