Commuting in LA especially to work is hands down the worst thing about living in the city, but I try to not waste time and fuel my mind for the most part with content that brings value into my life. So here are some of my favorite podcasts at the moment in no special order. I really really want to start one of my own one day, maybe!

1 - The GaryVee Audio Experience - I follow him on about every other platform so it was only right for when I can't watch some of his content.
2 - The MFCEO Project - Probably the most honest person who gives advice for business, but it translates to every area of life.
3 - The Secrets to Success Podcast - ET has definitely impacted my life and this podcast will have you laughing, but coming away with ways to live the best life you can.
4 - The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast - Lauryn & Michael are good at what they so. The content she make is amazing.
5 - Short Story Long - Drama interviews the people I look up to or business owners who are making a impact in the world today. What I love is that this podcast goeeeesss into details usually a hour going into two hours. It seems long but when you hear somebody journey of failing five times before they are successful or not knowing what they wanted to do in life it makes them relatable but also shows you anything is possible.
6 - Views - I have to credit Parmida for introducing me to David & Jason on YouTube. They are probably the most funniest duo to date and the stories they tell on the podcast just don't seem real. If you need a laugh definitely subscribe to them on YouTube as well.


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