So for this summer you will be sweating a lot no matter what country you are in. For me I love the heat but I hate the excessive sweating especially if I'm not working out, but what I hate more is the odor that sweat leaves when you wear a pair of shoes with no socks. NEVER DO THIS. You won't have those shoes for long and you would hate for it to be a pair of your favorites. I don't wear flip flops, I'm mostly into loafers, drivers and sneakers with the bare ankle look. So the perfect way to make sure your not having excessive sweating and odor in your shoes is to always wear no shoes socks. To me personally they even make the most uncomfortable shoe comfortable. I highly recommend getting a set of these because these will save your life everyday! Here's a list of some below. Enjoy!

Uniqlo - Men Low Cut Socks (I'm Wearing Below) -
Perry - Cotton Blend No Show Liner Socks -
Calvin Klein - Performance Cushion No Show Socks -
Forever 21 Men - No Show Sock Set -

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